Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bringing the 90's back with a bit of nail piercing...

Just a little bit of sea-themed nail art I came up with here - I quite liked the way this turned out but I think it could have been better. And I don't think I'd wear this out of the house, the nail charm on its own would be enough of a pain!

To create this nail art I used:

  • Random green striping polish (for the "seaweed)
  • Leighton Denny polish in Notorious (for the background)
  • Brush on nail glue (to attached the crushed shells)
  • Viva La Nails crushed shells (for "sand")
  • Millennium Nails seahorse nail charm
  • Crystals (for the "bubbles)

Some more pics below if you're wanting a better idea of how it all looked:

It was all reasonably simple to do as well - painted nails, added nail glue to lunula and sprinkled the crushed shells on top, made sure they were stuck. Added the crystals and the seaweed, then attached the seahorse charm. I also managed to pick up the bag of diamantes from the wrong end and ended up with loads of crystals all over my floor - it looked ace! :-) And even though I've hoovered, I'm still finding the odd crystal stuck to my foot/bag/hairbrush etc.

What do you think? Of this design, and of nail art in general? I love nail art from a visual point of view and think some of it is amazing and requires loads of skill but I'm not brave enough to wear anything too "out there". I'd rather look at fancy nail art than go to an art gallery any day!


  1. That looks great! I'm rubbish at doing anything creative with my nails, but I do love this. The only thing is that my nails split very easily, so I think the piercing wouldn't work for me. I remember we used to pierce our nails at science lessons in school (when we were supposed to be working, not as part of the lesson)! x

  2. Ahhh its very pretty and creative x

  3. That is such an adorable look. I'd almost forgotten about nail piercing but i absolutely loved it a few years ago (i had more jewellery for my nails that anywhere else!)

  4. Hehe we used to pierce our nails at school too - one of the false nail manufacturers did a little kit I think? Let's bring nail piercing back!!!

    I had to chop my nails off after this though, they're not too short now mind.

  5. I enjoy nail art in general, but I have no skills whatsoever.
    I like the blue polish and the crushed shells, but personally I would skip the piercing... I would end up breaking the whole nail, I'm too clumsy! :)

  6. Oh god I remember piercing my own nails all those years ago haha. Thanks for reminding me about it haha. x

  7. I was at secondary school from 1995 to 2000 and I think piercing nails was en vogue when I was in about year 9 or 10.

    I remember a girl pierced her nail and put an actual earring through it and another one copied and put the little hook you get from necklaces through it and tried to convince everyone that it was a special ring made just for nail piercings.


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