Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's a bit of nail art I did using Illamasqua Ruthless (red), Barry M Nail Effects (black) and a nail decal - it is meant to be Halloween themed but I think it looks a bit more Spiderman themed because of the colours and the spider decal!

As you can see, you can sort of tell it's a decal up close but from a normal distance away you can't tell, hopefully no-one will be that near my hand. Really like the Nail Effects too, hope they bring these out in other colours! I kept the last pic in as the flash has made my hand look like a scary pale zombie hand. Happy Halloween!


  1. They look fantastic! I hope Barry M bring Nail Effects out in different colours too :)

  2. I love the Barry M nail effects. Nice spider too!xx

  3. This looks awesome! Soon as I saw reviews of the Barry M nail effects polish I picked up a bottle for halloween (didnt actually use it on the day as I'd planned but it's still really handy to have around)

    Love the little spider - I'm actually terrified of spiders but this one is quite cute :)


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