Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lush Haul Update

I got round to using the rest of my Lush products that I blogged about previously here and here

Rockstar Soap

It's pink, smells sweet without smelling synthetic or overpowering, lathers really well and I have a huge chunk of it. Nuff said, I love it! Would definately buy this again.

Sweetie Pie

Really didn't like this. It smelled like synthetic sweet blackcurrant...really sickly. I also found it quite hard to use (though it did lather well) as it was quite firm in the pot, and left bits at the bottom of the shower rather than melting away. It does look cute though and I like its little pot.


Oh my god, I loved this, why haven't I known about this before? It smells ok (there is an underlying scent that I got a whiff of tht I wasn't quite sure I liked) and it's a dream to use. It has ground almond shell in it that scrubs your skin as you use it over your body - it's definately the right amout of "scrubbiness" as well, it didn't feel harsh but it did its job. It even works on my extremely dry elbows, which is a feat in itself. It does leave a slight residue on the skin, but this is moisturising rather than oily or tacky. Definately one to repurchase as winter moves on!

So, two goods, one bad here...not bad really since I liked the Emotibombs and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar I bought too. Good work Lush!


  1. I'm always a bit iffy about stuff from Lush because sometimes the smells are so strong and overpowering and I can never find the right medium, mostly because I can't stay in the shop long because it gives me a headache, but I like the idea of Buffy, especially the ground almond shells! x

  2. I agree with you on the shower jelly being hard to use, I couldn't get a proper lather without chunks of it falling out of my hand and down the drain. I though it smelled nice, in a sugary, synthetic way-not very Lush-like though.
    It smelled different in the shop because there are so many other smells that it can be overpowering. I've found this leads to some disappointment when you get your product home!

  3. Lucy - Rockstar is quite strong - the bag it was in has disintegrated so it's just out in the bathroom and you can smell it as you walk upstairs! I like the smell though so I don't mind. Would totally recommend Buffy though, it doesn't smell strong or anything, I finished mine and will be repurchasing!

    Julia - glad it wasn't just me being dense with the jelly :-)

  4. OMG... I LOVE Buffy... it works like a dream and my skin no longer has those bumpy bits! xx

  5. I actually really like Sweetie Pie. To make it more manageable I just cut it up into small chunks.

    I didn't like Buffy at first, but I do now. It thought it left an odd oily layer on my skin and it confused me! But then I just grew to love it. I much prefer this to 'You Snap the Whip - Buffy seems to last longer!


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