Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lush Emotibombs - Too Drunk & Up You Gets

Ok first confession, the house I live in at the moment doesn't have a bath...what was I thinking! Second confession, I love Lush, especially their bathbombs.

I'd seen these Emotibombs before but didn't know what they were until someone explained it to me, basically you put them at the bottom of your shower and as they dissolve they release a gorgeous scent. Obviously marketed at idiots like me who don't have a bath then! Ok, so it is a little bit pointless (most of the products I use in the shower are scented anyway, which can overpower the Emotibomb a bit) but it means I can sort of have a bathbombish experience without the bath, yay!

The Emotibombs I had were:

  • Up You Gets - very citrussy and refreshing, a good one to have in your morning shower as it has a real zing to it! I had two of these.

  • Too Drunk - menthol/minty with a hint of citrus behind it. Think this would be good if you had a cold?

I would say you don't need a full Emotibomb to get the scent around your shower, you could halve or even third them as they're quite big. The first one I tried I put right under the water stream of the shower, and it fizzed away to nothing pretty much straight away. So the next ones, I put a little away from the stream but still so they were getting water on them to dissolve, they don't leave any grit or residue in the shower which is a bonus, I hate cleaning and I'm so clumsy, if there's something I can slip on I will.

All in all, I did like these but I don't think I'd buy them again - even though they're not expensive (between £1.95-£2.50 depending on which you get), I still think they're a bit pointless, they don't give you the nice feel of oils on your skin with a bathbomb or the nice surprise of hidden glitter or confetti you get in a bathbomb! Plus the fact that the scent can get overpowered by other stuff, which defeats the whole point

I also have some other Lush stuff to try out that I'm working my way through:

  • Sweetie Shower Jelly
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (for use at my boyfriends or my mams, both of whom have baths!)
  • Buffy Body Butter
  • Rock Star Soap

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