Sunday, 16 May 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish in Chainmail Charm (310)

After seeing amazing pics of this polish on a few blogs (which you’ve probably already seen too), I thought I’d give it a go – I bought it for £5 including postage from Funky Nails and it arrived the next day.

When I first started applying it, I was like “hmm.” It seemed very watery, thin and not like it would actually reach any sort of decent pigmentation no matter the number of coats at all. And the glitter just looked silver. After 3 coats I was still a bit disheartened as it looked a bit of a greyish black with lots of fine silver glitter. Um, why in everyone elses pics did it look an amazing multicoloured holo and mine looked like this? But I then found that under bright light – artificial I’m afraid as I live in crappy old grey England – the gorgeous holo effect comes out as you can see in the pics.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again…WHERE’S THE SUN?!

For £3 plus postage, I can’t argue with this. I’m love black polishes with glitter, and multicoloured glitter? Count me in! I’d definitely buy this again. I used Stickey basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat. The polish lasted 4 sparkly holo days before chipping.


  1. Almost all holos need sun to become alive. :(
    I too have this polish and like it quite a lot.

  2. I feel like a magpie right now, but OMG SOOOO SHINY! I love it!

  3. i really love it! apparently the sun is on its way.. lets hope so! xx


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