Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pixi Lip Blush in Youth

I used this product previously a few years ago but I bought “Happiness” and “Love” (pink and red, respectively) and was a bit surprised at how bright the colours were, especially compared to the swatches on Pixi’s website, so didn’t really wear them.
Anyway, I had wanted this for a while but didn’t really want to pay £12 plus postage from their website and hadn’t seen it anywhere else. I was just browsing around Boots one morning on the way to drop some keys off and I noticed they had a Pixi stand, I raced over, swatched a few and came away with this (and paid using my Boots points so essentially this was free – I’m aware that’s not quite true but still…). Just to go off track a minute, has anyone noticed that Boots has gotten way better? I did during this visit, they have Ardell lashes, Pixi, Butter London and loads of other great new stuff I hadn’t seen there before.

Back to the lip blush - it’s a really nice sheer, light pink that gives a hint of colour to my lips (mine are quite pale) so it looks like I’ve got something on but isn’t too OTT like the other colours of this I had. All of the lips blushes are matte and this is no exception. I didn’t realise until just now that a stray hair has stuck itself to my lip in the pic either!

Application is reasonably easy – the nib is like a felt tip pen so you basically just draw on your lips, it’s not hard on the lips or anything though but does feel a bit weird. One thing I will say is there is a bit of a strange smell to this, it isn’t strong, but it smells really vaguely of marker pen. Also, you need to make sure your lips are in tip top condition as this really shows up any dryness, I would imagine the formula might be a bit drying on the lips too if you were wearing it all the time. Pixi Lip Blush is pretty long lasting (maybe 4-6 hours) and because the colour is light, I don’t experience that horrible thing where you eat/drink something and the colour wears off in the middle and leaves you with a gross feathery lipliner look.

To summarise (can you tell I’ve been writing essays a lot at the moment?), I like this product and would buy again, I like it as an everyday lip colour – however I think it’s a little overpriced for what it is so I might look for an alternative. This is much easier and neater to apply than the Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tec lip stains though (between £3-8, depending on where you get them from)

If your Boots doesn’t stock Pixi, these lip blushes are available from http://www.pixibeauty.com/


  1. Ooh I really like this. I'm not that into lip colour. I do wear it but lipstick is generally too much effort for me and lipglosses feel to shiny and OTT for work. I like how subtle this is.

  2. Yeah it's become the product I go to when I can't be bothered with proper lippie or gloss and want something that doesn't need reapplied all the time but still looks subtle.

    At first I thought the colour was too subtle but if I do my bottom lip first you can really tell the colour difference between my bottom and top lip!


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