Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"Women turned to nail polish during the recession"...

...I don't mean that women all over the US were turning into bottles of polish, but they were definately buying them!

According to this piece of research by Kline Group , US nail polish sales grew by 14.3% in 2009 "due to the return of nail color in the fashion world, as well as the shift from nail salons to at-home application as economic instability motivated consumers to forego salon visits. Nail industry marketers also responded well to consumer demand and focused on new launches, offering a wide range of new products to engage the recession-stricken consumer."

Sales of lipsticks and glosses declined by 5.3% and perfumes considerably more. Other toiletries and personal care items (the every day stuff like deodorants, shaving stuff etc) suffered the least.

God if my business degree was about this kind of thing, I'd enjoy writing the damn essays!


  1. God don't you just love random research!

  2. hahaha... your last comment makes me laugh (as I am currently procrastinating by reading NP blogs.)


  3. ha i wrote mu business dissertation on fashion! they didnt mind xxxx

  4. Kirsty, I might have to see if I can sneak it into my degree somewhere :-)

    At the moment I'm doing marketing and society so I'm hoping there is some scope for ethical clothing or organic/green products in there!


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