Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wedding Hairspiration

Ok so there are 4 months to go until I get married (eek!) so at the minute I've totally got weddings on the brain - most things are sorted, I just need rings, a wedding car and oh, to actually get the invitations out.  I've got my hair and make up trials happening next week so I'm excited to see how that looks and to start seeing my bridal look com together.

Here are some of the hair styles I'm thinking of for my wedding day:

As you can see, I'm going for quite a glamorous, "big hair" look and from what my hairdresser has said I'm going to need some hair extensions in there for quite a few of them.  I've been experimenting with various types of extensions to take with me when I go for my appointment, one of the latest I've tried is the American Dream Instant Bun that I was sent for review a little while ago.

These buns are 100% human hair and come in four different sizes. The size I have is large (given my penchant for big hair!) and it's not ridiculously huge but definitely big enough.  As you can see from the pics above, it fastens with a drawstring.  I've been trying it out before my appointment and basically what you do is tie your hair into a little bun and secure with a bobble, then place the American Dream Instant Bun over your own hair, pull the drawstring tight and tuck the string into the bun.  I usually secure with a couple of pins but to be honest it feels secure enough without.

When I've worn this I've had so many compliments on my hair - with people saying how nice it looks and asking how I've managed to do that with my hair, not one person has said "oh I like your fake hair" ha!  It does just look like my hair but better and it's so easy and quick to use.  I would definitely recommend this and am definitely happy to keep wearing it - it turns a bad hair day into a good hair day with minimal effort.

I haven't taken a photo of it in because my hair colour is still slightly in between shades and this doesn't quite match yet - the plan is to be a natural blonde colour again by the time I get married but at the moment it's more brown with blonde hightlights and a bit of ombre still going on at the bottom.  Never again will I experiment with trying to bleach my own hair at home - after 6 months of doing so the whole of the top/front of my hair has snapped off and I've had to lay off the bleach for the past 6 months.  Given that I want to be blonde it my wedding pics there has been a few times where I've had a slight panic!

This looks way more natural than a structured bun ring and because it's human hair it behaves like it should rather than getting any weird kinks or overly shiny "Barbie" hair going on.  It always feels secure as well so there's no worry of it flying off when I'm walking to work or anything.

For more information about American Dream Extensions click here.

To see my Wedding Inspiration and Hair I Like boards on Pinterest for wedding and hairstyle ideas click here.


  1. Love the second to last photo! I had to have a tonne of extensions clipped in for my wedding too xx

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