Friday, 13 March 2015

BaByliss Diamond Hair Straightener - Review

For the past decade ( it a decade?!) I've been a GHD girl through and through when it comes to hair straighteners, I think I'm on my third pair now and it wouldn't usually cross my mind to even try another brand.  However I was recently sent the BaByliss Diamond Straightener to review and I have to say I'm really impressed.

Firstly, they look fantastic, glossy black with a subtle gold sparkle to them so they look great on your dressing table.  Secondly they're really easy to use - heating up quickly with the ability to adjust the heat setting up to 235 degrees, I've been doing mine on a low setting to try and help my poor hair get back into good condition and pleased to say they're no less efficient!  I actually find these feel better to use than my GHD's.

My hair is naturally thick and frizzy - not really curly or straight - but unnaturally it's really damaged and thin which sometimes means it doesn't straighten so well.  Not the case with these.  These straighteners have a Diamond Radiance Shine System which combines diamond infused ceramic plates with ion technology for smoothness and shine.  I think you can definitely tell this as they do seem to keep my hair straighter for longer as well as adding some much needed shine while still keeping my hair looking/feeling soft.

I'm really pleased with these straighteners and tellingly, I haven't used my GHD's since these arrived!

For more information about the BaByliss Diamond Straightener click here.


  1. Great to know all these reviews of this straighter. Well, I am using curling irons from so many years. It is a very high quality product which I have. I am satisfied from my branded curling iron.

  2. this is really a perfect blog about hair style,

  3. Another design for straightening is wet and dry hair straighteners, but these may be the least reliable of all options. They are usually of high quality and play a good role when the hair is half dry, but 100% of the technology for straightening hair is not yet available.


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