Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 signs you're becoming a functioning adult...

I’m going to be 30 next year (*insert screaming emoji here*) and I’ve noticed that while I don’t feel old I’m definitely starting to feel more grown up – I have a mortgage, I’m getting married this year and a lot of my friends are having babies (I have pugs…I’m VERY happy with my pugs).

I thought I’d put together a little list of the things that I’ve noticed that to me, have signified that I’m becoming a grown up rather than a wide eyed, fresh faced youngster in my early twenties:

1. Two nights out in a row is no longer do-able – and if you try it, it takes you the best part of a week to fully recover and start feeling like a normal human being. Two day hangovers are the norm rather than the exception.

2. You find it easier to say no – whether it’s an event you don’t really want to go to, a friend that isn’t necessarily your cup of tea or someone seriously pushing their luck declining doesn’t bother you the way it would have 5 years ago.  You don’t feel like you have to be involved because you might miss out. Your time’s precious. 

3. You’re just not as bothered by hype any more – whether it’s the latest iPhone, 90’s style (that – at the risk of sounding less like a grown up and more like an old lady – should stay in the 90’s) or the latest band everyone’s loving, you’re just  indifferent to that stuff. 

4. You seriously start to scrutinise anti-ageing products – you might even spend a bit of time furiously googling botox (no I never did that…ok I did that) and you regret ever setting foot in the sun without total sunblock.

5. You start saving money – dropping your entire wage on a whole lot of Topshop on the 26th of the month just doesn’t do it for you anymore.  You actually start to care about interest rates, finance deals, mortgage comparisons and making the most of your money.  I’m currently saving for a wedding, a car and the future in general.

And my final point is where Nutmeg comes in.  Nutmeg – and bear with me here – is an investment platform that uses the information you provide to build and manage an investment portfolio for you for a reasonable monthly cost.  They take into account your attitude to risk and aim to produce the best return for low cost without you having to worry about managing your investments and fund choices yourself.

You can pay in a lump sum or a monthly amount too which is great whether you’ve got some money stored up or you’re trying to build up your savings. For someone like me, who has a broad understanding of finance but not the detailed technical knowledge (or time and inclination) to spend time managing investments and choosing funds it’s ideal for me to still get results - you can set things up in 10 minutes.

There are a range of investment options (including ISA's which are tax free - so many people don't realise that you pay tax on income you make through savings in an account) and it's all fully regulated by the FCA.

I told you I was growing up...

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