Sunday, 22 March 2015

Help me choose my wedding invitations! (Review of PaperShaker)

I still haven't sent my wedding invitations out yet (something which seems to be causing concern to some of my guests) - with 4 months to go I'm not worried but I thought I'd start sorting out some invitations.

My initial thoughts were that I would make my own but after a first attempt I decided to get them printed but I didn't know where or how to get it done really.  I want them to look professional and impressive but at the same time my budget is important.  We're just having a small wedding and are prioritising what we feel is important to spend on and where we can save (without it looking like we've cut costs).

My friend then sent me a Save the Date for her wedding next year (she's getting married in Greece so is trying to gauge numbers early) and they looked great, I asked her where she'd got them from thinking it would be somewhere out of our budget as they were so well done (and she's spending at least twice as much as us on her wedding).  It turned out she got them online at PaperShaker, a website a bit like Moonpig etc where they have template designs that you can personalise.  They do all sorts and I have to say their wedding invitation section is extensive, there's a design to suit any kind of wedding and budget - quite often there are big discount codes flying around too which helps!

Here's what I thought was great about using PaperShaker:
  • Easily personalise your designs with photos, text, font styles, colour, images and layout
  • Choose different paper types (matte, pearlescent, glossy or texture) and envelope colours to match your colour theme
  • Quick delivery - even standard arrives in a few days.  Next day delivery didn't quite arrive the next day for me but I think that was down to the post office rather than PaperShaker
  • Really easy to use interface that makes designing your invitations easy even down to centre lines, text boxes and print margins
  • Ability to order a variety of quantities and even individual samples if you design your card but want to see it "in the flesh" before you commit to ordering a large amount

I'd always recommend that you get samples printed to check out the colours and finishes as some of the colours will look different on monitors and might not be quite as you'd expect.

So, I've spent some time designing a variety of different invitations but I'm struggling to decide which one to go for so I thought I'd ask for your help!  To help me choose all you need to do is:

  • Visit my PaperShaker Wedding Invitations board on Pinterest (find it here)
  • Favourite the invitation that you think I should go for for my wedding invitations
  • Whichever one has the most votes by the end of April 2015 will be the one I go for
 You can find photos of the samples I ordered below too, I've tried to vary it up and do some different designs.  There were even more gorgeous designs I'd have used too if I was having a different type of wedding but they just didn't "fit" with mine. 

I've added some wedding inspiration pics to the board too so you can get a feel for how my wedding will look and how the invitations fit with the theme - colours are cream, pink and silver.

For more information about PaperShaker and to see the range of designs and product types they offer click here.  You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!


  1. good collection of wedding cards. looks simple but nice

    1. Yeah we're having a nice simple, uncomplicated wedding without too much clutter so we wanted the invitations to be the same :-)

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