Sunday, 1 March 2015

LDN Skins Self Tan Mousse (Tone 3 Medium Dark)

I've had this for a while to try but it's taken me a while to get around to it as I sometimes find applying a full body "proper" tan (rather than a gradual one) to be a serious effort!  I had a night out last week that I felt warranted a nice deep tan so I decided to finally give it a go this LDN Skins Mousse a go!

This is a mousse formula tan and I have to say it is one of the easiest, mess free tans I've ever used.  It comes with a professional application mitt and really easily and streak free using this.  The guide colour is really easy to see as you apply which takes out a loss of guesswork and stops you over applying.  I have to admit as it came out of the bottle the colour wasn't quite what I expected, it was a bit more....ashy than brown which worried me.  It actually felt really moisturising on.

The other thing, which I thought was great, was how quickly it dried - no hanging around in the bathroom freezing cold for 40 minutes while I dry off!  Absolutely no drips or mess, and the best part was that because it dries so quickly my bedding was spotless the next day - I hate it when you tan and then the next day your sheets are tanned too!

I applied this late at night, not particularly carefully, and slept in it while it developed.  It actually smells alright too, and not too "tanny", even the next day.  It's lightly lavender scented , I don't usually like the smell of lavender but this was fine for me.

After I rinsed this off I was really pleased with the colour - yes it was pretty dark but not orange or over the top at all.  There was some colour that clung to my knees and elbows but that happens with every tan I use because my knees and elbows are so dry, even with extra moisturiser.  I really felt happy with the colour and more confident with this tan on.

The fade off wasn't too patchy (except on my hands and face which I wash several times a day).  I will definitely use this tan again and would repurchase in the future as it's easy to use and gives me a colour I'm really happy with.

For more information about LDN Skins visit their website - the mousse I used can be found here for £28.

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