Monday, 3 June 2013

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak and Neck and Shoulder Cream

Well, we've been a bit in the wars in my house of late. Running is taking it's toll on my knees and my boyfriend has had a bit of a sore neck - plus Pearl has had an operation . Luckily, for the humans in our household anyway, I'd just been sent some of the new Deep Heat to try out so the timing couldn't be better, if there is ever such a thing as a good time to be injured!

If you're not familiar with Deep Heat, it's a cream that you rub on any areas where you have muscle pain or soreness and it warms up, similar to how a warming face mask know, kind of like having a hot water bottle on your skin but without the hot water bottle.  It does have a pretty distinctive, strong smell which isn't especially girly at all which is why they've brought out this Rosemary and Vanilla fragranced version.

The neck and shoulder cream really works, it warms up really quickly and when I say it warms up, it isn't like a feels like wherever you've applied it is out in the sun.  It's really soothing and certainly eases any aches.  Wash your hands after applying this though as you don't want to get it in your eyes or anything!   As for the smell, to be totally honest it still smells like Deep Heat to me and I'm struggling to get any rosemary or vanilla notes from this but I don't actually mind the smell so I'm happy to keep using this and it's done the trick on our aches and pains.  If you do sports or get a bit achey from sitting at your desk I'd really recommend having a bottle of this handy.

The bath soak foams really well, it's bright orange but it doesn't colour the water or anything, and surprisingly this doesn't have that tell-tale Deep Heat smell, it actually smells really fresh rather than medicinal.  It contains essential oils of rosemary and orange and electrolyte minerals magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium help to prevent cramp.  I'm not convinced this did anything for me that a normal hot bath wouldn't have done on it's own with any bubble bath but it was still pleasant to use and in conjunction with the cream it sorted our aches and pains out.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue is available from*, on offer starting at £4.01 at the time of writing.


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  2. Hi Lucy thanks for that honest review. I love everything soothing and fruity that is pumped with minerals. I might give this one a shot.

    I don't usually get much neck pain, well not anymore, 1. because I recruited my partner as my daily massagist- moans and excuses are unacceptable ;)

    and 2. Because I only and only sleep on buckwheat pillows. I love them so much, I even started my own project around them and make them in all sizes for people to have at home or as take-away- TheBuckwheatProject.

    Would like to send you one, you'd love sleeping on one, am sure!


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