Tuesday, 4 June 2013

TJ Hughes - what's in my basket?

I'm no stranger to popping into T J Hughes to buy fragrance and beauty bits and pieces for less but I didn't realise they had a website that you can buy from too. This is such a good idea as often stock varies from store to store so it's an easier way to pick up some bargains.  I'm actually a bit of a boy when it comes to shopping, I prefer to have a plan of what I'm getting, get it and get out so I would rather shop online where I can.  I tend to find shopping online leads to more bargains too!

I started browsing the TJ Hughes site and where else would I start but the beauty section?  I merrily added perfume, nail products and styling tools to my basket, all of which were much cheaper than the RRP price.  Then I wandered over to homewares and added some cushions before somehow ending up in menswear and adding some trainers for my boyfriend's birthday (shhh, don't tell him!).

Here's what I've got in my T J Hughes basket before I hit the Chekout button (free standard delivery on my order too!):

As you can see, my basket came to £172.93 (ahem) but I've worked out that I've "saved" about £145 from the RRP price which is excellent news!  My biggest/favourite bargain was the Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack (though I think the trainers are a ridiculously good price) which I think will make an amazing gift...but I might keep it for myself to be honest

To pick up some beauty steals and to see how much you can save in your basket, shop at T J Hughes online at www.tjhughes.co.uk

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