Sunday, 17 February 2013

There's things I want, there's things I think I want...

Bonus points to anyone who recognises the song that that line is from!  As always I have a long lists of bits and pieces I want to purchase, most surprising is that there are not shoes on this but that might be because I've bought loads of shoes at the moment.

I think this is priced pretty reasonably and you could wear it anywhere from work to going out for drinks.  As the colour's pretty bright (and not a colour I'd usually wear at all) I'd probably keep any accessories minimal and neutral.
Ted Baker purses - various
I've really got my eye on a Ted Baker purse after my friend got a really nice Ted Baker bag for her birthday.  The orange one is my favourite, but they are quite expensive so I need to have more of a think on whether I splash out on one of these.
I love peplums and I love lace so combine the two and I'm happy!  I like lace sleeves in things too (I prefer things with sleeves to sleeveless) so looking forward to trying this one out.  I'm just not sure what to wear underneath...
I don't really wear a lot of jewellery other than earrings but I'm really getting into dainty little rings and this star one is so cute!  I've actually ordered this so just waiting for it to arrive at the moment.
I like grey too and I wanted a cutout tshirt from Topshop in summer but it looked a bit sort of unstructured and chilly.  This looks like something you can dress up or down
Whether or not these look fab or tacky in real life remains to be seen but I love a good statement earring so we shall see!
I think this is a bit too "grown up" for me so I'd probably end up wearing this for a wedding (can you wear cream lace to a wedding actually?  Probably not...) or a christening or something like that.  Not that I have any of those coming up in the near future!  The embellishment at the neckline is gorgeous and looks way more expensive than the dress is.
And of course, there are a lot of beauty related items I want too, here's a little snapshot of what I'm coveting most at the moment (I generally keep my Beauty Wishlist tab up to date if you're desperate to find out what I'm after at the moment):
Too Faced Sweetheart Flush Blush - £24
GlamGlow Super Mud Cleansing Treatment - £45
Xen Tan Moroccan Tan with Argan Oil - £20
YSL Manifesto Eau De Parfum - various


  1. Gorgeous items! Love the dresses


  2. i'm just looking!!!!!!!!

    i want that ring, so cute!


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