Tuesday, 19 February 2013

25 things about me!

I've seen this type of post doing the rounds lately, so I thought I'd join in! I'm a bit nosy so I quite like reading these sorts of posts. Here we go:
  1. I recently graduated with a degree in Business Studies from the Open University.
  2. I used to live in Bulgaria - I lived in Sunny Beach but can only speak a handful of Bulgarian words.
  3. I've had pneumonia twice, once as a kid and then again in my early twenties.
  4. I have size 7 feet!
  5. I passed my driving test when I was 23, second time round after failing my first one on reversing around a corner (and just two other minors...booo!)
  6. My favourite food is Italian, followed by Chinese and/or Japanese, can't pick between those two.
  7. When I was about 13 I won a Disney Channel competition and a story I wrote was turned into a cartoon by Disney. It was during my awkward teenage phase of desperately wanting to fit in so I was ridiculously embarrassed and it still makes me cringe now even though I know I should be proud of it!
  8. I can bend the tips of my index fingers without bending the rest of my fingers...doesn't sound much but try it, you probably can't do it.
  9. I have a tattoo of stars on my right foot and I did have my bellybutton pierced but I took it out a few years ago. My tattoo is based on a wrapping paper design (ha!) and I got it done on the spur of the moment when I was 17 after tagging along with my friend who was getting one. She suggested getting it on my foot, it was a few years before foot tattoos were popular and I used to get a lot of comments on it. I regret it now and would never get another.
  10. Me and my lovely boyfriend have been together for 4 years this month.
  11. I'm really clumsy and spend most of my life oafing around.
  12. I hate eggs!  The look of them, having to touch them, the taste of them...I only really eat them in cake and in egg fried rice if the pieces are tiny.  I've tried them in all different ways but I just don't like them and haven't since I was small.  I've gone a bit phobic about those too.
  13. I love reading and once I get going can devour a book in a few hours. My favourite books are The Stand by Stephen King and The Beach by Alex Garland.
  14. My favourite TV series is/was the Sopranos...closely followed by Breaking Bad.
  15. I'm originally from Cumbria but moved to Manchester when I was 21.
  16. My birthday is 11th September (I'm a Virgo).
  17. I used to go on sunbeds when I was younger and have got damaged skin as a result. Don't do it kids!
  18. I talk and move around in my sleep a lot.
  19. My favourite colour is probably purple.
  20. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. I've never liked them but as I've got older it's developed into a proper phobia.
  21. As a kid I used to think Madonna and Kylie Minogue were the same person.  I thought two male celebrities were the same person too but I can't remember who now.
  22. I used to live above a pub as my Dad was the landlord.
  23. I hate getting my hair cut and avoid it as much as I can, which means I end up having to get more cut off, which then means I hate getting it cut and avoid it...vicious cycle.
  24. I have a short attention span.  I usually end up doing 5 things at once because I get bored and wander off from the final 4.  I didn't watch films for years because I couldn't concentrate enough on the whole thing!
  25. Whenever I go against my instincts things usually go wrong.  I need to trust my own judgement a bit more!


  1. Great to know a bit about you, great post!


  2. haha, I have the same blog post, had no idea it's a trendy topic nowadays.. I guess it's nice to know more aout people..


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