Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spa Find Renewed Radiance Energizing Night Cream

My skin is getting pretty dry with the combination of cold weather and central heating we've been having lately so being sent this to review was perfect timing!

The packaging is pretty understated and it comes it a tub that you dip your fingers into, this doesn't bother me personally but I know some people prefer a tube so that you don't touch the cream.  It doesn't smell strongly of anything either but does smell nice and fresh.

The cream contrains Harmonised Water which contrains the properties of Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts (olive oil and aloe vera).  It also contains 'Mineral-Age Nanoplex' which combines zinc, copper and magnesium to boost skin cell regeneration or collagen production.  I'm not sure I agree with "Energizing" in the name as my skin doesn't feel tingly or fresh or anything when I use it (and that's what I associate with that word, but it might just be my interpretation of it).

The cream feels quite thick and really rich and nourishing without feeling too greasy or heavy - a little goes a long way with this.  It's definitely a night cream though as it feels a bit too much to put on in a morning before make up, though I've worn it in the day when I've been having a rare make up free one and it hasn't made me break out or clogged my skin up or anything which I was pleased with.  As it's aimed at dry, mature and sensitive skin I do think this wouldn't necessarily be right for oily skin, or maybe for use in summer or on holiday (unless you had peeling skin from sunburn maybe).  I'll definitely be continuing to use this as a night cream in future as it seems to be doing the trick without any adverse effects.

Spa Find Renewed Radiance Energizing Night Cream costs £22.15 for 50ml from

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