Friday, 21 December 2012

Rihanna - Rebelle perfume

As a Rihanna fan, I really wanted to try this perfume when it first came out but I never seemed to get round to sniffing it so I was really pleased to be sent this for review by

Firstly, the bottle:  dressing table appeal is really something that's important to me in a perfume.  I kind of feel like if you're spending all that money on something that lasts a fair amount of time and is usually kept on show, it should look pretty.  Whilst this isn't my favourite ever perfume bottle, I'm happy to have it on display and the red design on it is definitely eye catching.

The smell of perfume is very subjective isn't it?  I tend to prefer sweet and fruity scents as opposed to anything too musky or floral and I can't quite say where I'd put this.  It's described as a fruity and floral perfume with top notes of strawberries, ripe purple plum and ginger, heart notes and cacao absolute, vanilla orchid and heliotrope followed by base notes of patchouli, coffee beans, creamy musk and amber.

Overall, I really like it and have been quite happily wearing it as a day to day perfume, the scent lasts quite a few hours.  There's a scent that comes once it's settled on my skin that I'm not 100% sure of yet which I think might be the ginger or the patchouli, it's kind of a spicy zingy undertone, but it calms down quite quickly and doesn't bother me after that.  The first time I sprayed it, I was a bit like "hmmmm..." about it but I've learned to love it!

Rihanna Rebelle celebrity perfume is available from


  1. I've got one of her perfumes, I think it's the rebel fleur. It is gorgeous. Xx

  2. I never knew she brought out perfumes! I need to go to Boots now


    Merry Christmas!


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