Saturday, 8 December 2012

Topshop Nails in Rising Star and Panther

During my quest for a starry nail polish I found Topshop's Rising Star.  It's a clear polish with fine glitter and mini silver stars - it's definitely a layering polish and it's all pretty subtle, though it does add a fairly classy bit of glitter to jazz up a boring nail colour. You will have to go fishing for stars in there as they don't all come out easily, which also means you have to position them.  Also the stars are slightly raised so you can feel them on the nail and they can catch on things if you don't have topcoat on.  I remedied this with a thick layer of Seche Vite.

Panther just caught my eye, it's a glitter polish again but made up of circular black and silver glitter.  It could be used as a layering polish but can also be made dense enough to wear on it's own.  I like it more in the bottle than on, something about it just doesn't hit the spot.  With topcoat it isn't that gritty on the nail but it's a bit of a bitch to remove.
I'm still really impressed by Topshop make up, I think their nail polishes are some of the most interesting available on the high street and they're always bringing out something new and different.
Both of these are available from


  1. Panther seems lovely! I hate polishes that are a pain to remove! Makes me never wants to out them in again!

  2. Rising Star looks brill, definitely going to be picking that one up!x

  3. The stars are so pretty. A lot of my glitter polishes are a nightmare to remove so they rarely get used which is a shame as I love glitter nails. x

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  5. Gorgeous nail polishes, I love the white one with the little stars!



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