Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Working on my big bun

Hmm, let's see what that particular title throws up in terms of Google searches!

Remember the ASOS Large Hair Donut I bought a while ago?  Well straight away I got my hair cut and no longer had enough hair to cover the brown of the bun ring...d'oh.  I cast it aside for a bit before getting jealous of my brunette mates who nailed this look so I decided to cover my bun ring in my old clip in extensions to stop it from showing through my hair.

Which I did (boyfriend is slightly creeped out by this):

I clipped the extensions onto the inside of the bun ring, wrapped them round as much as possible then got a bit handy with hairspray and glue to secure the ends.  Then I use as normal, I've totally covered the foam of the bun ring, as you can see.  I wrap my own hair around it then secure with a bobble and pin the ends if I need to.  I think I maybe overdid it a bit because getting my own hair through the hole was a bit of a struggle, I ended up kind of twisting my hair into a rope and forcing it through.  Beauty/pain, meh.

In the picture below I am indeed wearing a pink hoodie.  But in my defence I was going to see Coldplay that night and it rained.  A LOT.  The hoodie and the bun were part of my weatherproofing plan.  I couldn't help feeling a bit Vicky Pollard though.

Despite all this, I still like the big bun look (and I cannot lie).  I think I'm going to do a bit of a beehive next time with some of my fringe out and do the bun right at the back, quite a lot lower down, for a glam look.  I'll try and get some pics but I'm rubbish with a camera on nights out!


  1. These donut sponges are my saviour! Been debating trying it with my extension to see what sort of look I can get cuz although I have long hair it's quite fine. xo

    1. I would try it, it works pretty well! One of my friends bought one of those bobbles just with spiky hair on and that works too.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers! Some pics of me in London at the weekend with it in have popped and I'm not so sure I like...I look a bit like Kim/Aggie (whichever the big blonde one with all the hairpieces is) out of How Clean Is Your House ha!

  3. I'd make the bun much higher on your head and pull out some whispy bits for less of a "Vicky Pollard". Great idea xxx

    Loves Lauren from Lauren Loves xxx

    1. That's how I wore it at the weekend, it looked more fashion-y but I felt really concious of it!

  4. I saw this and thought you'd cut off all your hair there!

  5. I love these too! I have the opposite problem, i have so much doesn't stay in place lol. Great idea though!
    I liked the sneaky i like big butts reference ;)


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