Friday, 1 June 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple

As a rule, I hate green.  There's nothing green in my wardrobe, and actually if I think about it, in my house (not including like DVD's, books etc that you don't buy for their colour).  There are certainly no green nail polishes - the colour doesn't suit me at all, and even less so on my nails.  So why have I lately had a hankering for a mint green nail polish?

After spotting Essie Mint Candy Apple on Mouldy Fruit, and realising that my local Boots has recently started stocking Essie, it was a done deal.  So at the earliest opportunity (my lunch break) off I trotted to Boots and picked this up.

Application was fine on the first coat, I was actually quite impressed, but it went a bit draggy on the second coat but evened out on the third.  All in all I kind of like the colour, which confuses me, but I'm not sure it looks right on my skintone.  It's definitely made me more interested to try out more polishes now that Essie is more readily available though!  This is possibly not a good thing for my bank balance or storage space!


  1. I've been toying with the idea of buying this for a long time, but not sure if it would suit me. It's either this or Turquoise & Caicos to satisfy my mint nail polish yearnings!

    1. I also bought Ole Caliente in TK Maxx and haven't stopped wearing it since (more on that to come).

  2. I love Essie varnishes - glad to see they are finally coming out more in the UK!

  3. I think that colour looks gorgeous! I bet it does suit you ;) x

  4. I love this shade, so pretty. I'm in love with Essie nail polishes :).

    Sadie x

  5. I am so desperate to try this shade, roll on pay day x

  6. Love this color!

    Im your new follower please by my follower :)


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