Saturday, 23 June 2012

Got some Gelac nails done

Sorry, another nail post here!

My nails were long and I noticed that a place near my work has just started offering Gelac for £15 so I made an appointment for my lunch on the Monday.  By Sunday night my nails had snapped so I filed them all down short...annoying.  It always happens as soon as I make a nail appointment! But never mind, hopefully having this on my nails will help them grow longer and stay long.

Your nail surface is slightly roughened before Gelac application which I'm not especially keen on (with Shellac this doesn't happen) but anyway, application took about 30 minutes and it was cured under a lamp.  I had wanted a red but there was quite a limited variety of colours in the salon so I went for a nearly neon pink instead which I actually quite like, it looks really juicy and shiny, perfect for summer.

It's hardwearing too, it definitely feels more like a gel than a polish and I don't think I'll have any problems with chipping, it'll just be the regrowth that's an issue.  Or if I get bored of the colour which is usually what happens!  I think this colour would look really good with a pink and clear crystal accent nail which I might try if I get time.  I'm happy with Gellac and I'd have it applied again.

This is the third type of gel polish I've tried and I'm interested to try Gelicure next as I've found somewhere near me that does it and the colours are exciting - they've even got holographic glitters and more unusual colours like blues and yellows!

Have you got a favourite type of gel polish or is there one you want to try?


  1. I've only tried shellac but i did really like it! So glossy and long lasting.

  2. These are the only type of nail polish I get, it stays looking smart for a couple of weeks, doesn't chip and takes one thing off my to do list for weekends (replacing the normal manicures) but the only downside is finding a color that will go with as many different pieces from my as possible. Otherwise LOVE IT!!!!

  3. When my nails aren't all short and scabby, I like Shellac, depending on the salon you go to, you can get a really good choice of colors. There is also NSI Pro Polish in some places, but, like Gelac, the colors are pretty limited xx


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