Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Trendy Lip Wraps

I'm sure by now you've seen these sort of things worn by the likes of Jessie J etc. But as someone without a professional make up artist and apparently "unusual shaped lips" I was interested to see how they worked for me after I was sent these for review. I'm not especially adventurous with my make up but my lips tend to be what I vary the most.

Each packet contains 3 sets of lip wraps and application instructions. You cut them down to size as per below:

Once cut down to size you remove the clear layer, stick it to your lips then wet thoroughly and peel off the back - pretty much like the transfer tattoos you had as a kid. Leave to dry and voila!

I put these through their paces, eating, drinking etc and found that as long as I was careful (which I am even if I'm just wearing lippy) then they last just fine. Removing them isn't really easy, you need to use something oily (like baby oil) on them and even then a bit of scrubbing is required.

I actually really did like these and would consider wearing some of the designs out (the more subtle ones), I think these would really come into their own for special events though like parties, concerts and festivals. Application is straightforward, cutting to size is probably the most difficult part of the process. Pleasantly surprised by these!

Trendy Lip Wraps are available from the Health and Beauty Store at for £10.


  1. I've never seen or heard of these before - they seem rather out there. Not sure i'd ever have a need but I could see them being good for a bit of fun!

  2. These look beyond amazing! WANT! I'd love to try these, I can really see myself wearing these on nights out or just on days where I want to look amazing haha. Something to add to my shopping list :) xo

  3. These look so fun! I have wondered what their lasting power is like as they're be nothing worse than it wearing off patchily. I'm surprised by how wearable they look, obviously not one for the office but for parties I'd definitely give them a go! x

  4. I tried the red polka dot ones too but I cut them too big (my fault) and looked a little bit insane!

  5. Oh wow, these look amazing and would be perfect for a dress-up party!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  6. Aw the polka dot ones look cute! I thought these would be impossible so thanks for the review =)


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