Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My new make up bag from Claire's Accessories

Sorry for the slightly sporadic nature of posts at the moment, as usual everything has come at once - there are some fairly high profile launch type things going on at work which is keeping me busy along with a collaborative project for uni (groan) that we're all hopelessly disorganised, coupled with the usual family stuff.  Throw some trips to London and Cumbria in there and phew!

But enough moaning, just thought I'd show you my new make up bag from Claire's Accessories, not a shop I usually frequent but I was on the hunt for a big blonde hair donut that one of my friends had in Ibiza that I was jealous of.  I didn't find that but I found this:

I have a weird love of hummingbirds (when I went to Cuba I saw a real one, the smallest kind in the world called a bee hummingbird and I was so excited...yes, I'm a geek) and I think this just looks really tropical and fun.  I love how it looks like an envelope from somewhere faraway too!  The only downside is it makes me wish I was on holiday now.

The material it's made from is a bit weird, kind of like spongy lino, but it keeps clean well.  My old make up bag was ruined after a black eyeshadow explosion in it ages ago, I've still been using it though.  This cost £6.50 and is a decent enough size...big enough to take it away on holiday with me.


  1. Hi dear..nice blog..am following u..Hope u will follow back

  2. Such a lovely make up bag. Mine is actually from there too, a gift from my Mum at Christmas. It's on my blog somewhere in a What's in My Make Up Bag post. Best of luck with the work/uni stuff xx

  3. Gorgeous makeup bag! I'm a little obsessed with cute bird patterns too ;-) x

  4. That's pretty! Apparently there's wild hummingbirds in the warmer states of the US - really want to see them wild!

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  6. Very nice bag! What I would do if I were you is keep it as your holiday makeup bag! I'm a sucker for association and I find that if I use one particular product on holiday, it doesn't feel the same when I use it back home. So if you kept it for your holidays, when you get it out and ready to pack it will give you that holiday feeling! Silly I know...But whatever brings a smile, eh? Have a great summer :)

    1. That's a really good idea actually Anne, I might just do that :-) I get the holiday blues really badly!

  7. your bag is really beautiful . . love it. . thanks a lot for showing it to me...keep it up . . love it. .
    wellhead compression


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