Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Prada Candy 80ml Eau de Parfum

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have the perfume tastes of a 13 year old girl - I love anything sweet, fruity or citrusy and tend to dislike anything too floral. So, when I heard about Prada Candy I scoured the internet for it, asked my boyfriend for it for my birthday even though it wasn't even out at that point and furiously googled release dates. All without actually ever smelling it.

I picked it up soon after its release for a pretty good price. Firstly, I don't like the box that it comes in, it just looks a bit childlike and cheap to me and if I saw it in a shop I probably wouldn't bother.

The bottle is something else entirely, it's gorgeous and looks expensive - I love the pink mixed with the silver Prada logo, and even like the part that sprays out the perfume (not sure I've ever said that before!), it looks gorgeous on my dressing table (you can see Beyonce Heat and YSL Elle Limited Edition on there too, amongst other things).

Now, for the smell. I'm no perfume buff but apparently it contains white musk, benzoin and caramel, all of which I can smell in this. It is sweet but not overtly so (like Britney Spears Fantasy etc) and definately has a hint of powderiness to it without it being overpowering or too strong. I've heard people compare it to Aquolino Pink Sugar and I'd definately agree with this but I think Prada Candy is nicer and more subtle, as well as being much nicer visually - which I'd expect for the price really.

Word of warning, it does come out of the bottle with some first so don't start spraying it too liberally or you may find yourself a bit doused!


  1. I smelt it at Debenhams this past weekend but wasn't blown away. I think I expected more from Prada. Or maybe I'm just too old for this scent (OMG!).
    It is cute and sweet etc but I tend to go for floral or oriental scents these days :/ xo

  2. I really want this, it smells gorgeous! I love sweet scents too. The new Marc Jacobs fragrance - Oh Lola smells lovely as well. They are both on my wish list :) x


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