Monday, 5 September 2011

Batiste XXL

is officially now my favourite Batiste/dry shampoo. I like that it's a bigger size than previous cans of Batiste and I love the volumising effect that it gives, I prefer the white Batistes so it ticks a box from me there too. I also don't mind the smell - compared to some of the other Batistes it doesn't actually smell of anything. It's really helped me with updo's as well, as I tend to suit hairstyles with a lot of volume at the crown/roots and this has meant my arm hasn't got quite as stiff as backcombing for ages!

I've also found it really good for disguising my gingery roots after my misdemeanors with John Frieda's lightening spray!


  1. I can't use this! Don't know whether it's my hair being so fine, but it just makes it look electrecuted! There's nothing I can do with it :(

    Shame because I'd heard such good things!!

  2. I have heard that this is amazing, and whenever I go to buy it, it is always out of stock, I have tried everywhere! Its really annoying, they have every Batiste but XXL. I really want to try it too but I wanted really volumised roots! I will keep trying though :) Good review as it has given me more assurance into buying it xxx


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