Monday, 7 February 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose (29)

I've wanted a YSL Rouge Volupte for a long while now but their price has always made me hesitate. So after a few months of hoarding Boots points (lots of trips to the machine that gives you extra points, buying meal deals, actually using extra points vouchers instead of them just hanging around in my purse, using Boots Treat Street etc.) I finally had enough to indulge.

I opted for Opera Rose (#29) as I like my mid-bright pinks - some of the other pinks were either really bright fuschia or very pale and neither of that is really my cup of tea. For the price and for my first try, I wanted something a bit "safe" that I know I'd wear.

The packaging on these is so gorgeous and luxurious, I realise that that's probably a sizeable part of the reason they're so expensive but just look at how pretty it is:
Rouge Volupte feels gorgeous, creamy and hydrating on the lips. The colour is really well pigmented and lasts a few hours, the same as most lipsticks that aren't long-lasting etc. I. LOVE. IT. I recommend that you at least swatch these lipsticks and feel how lovely the formulation of them is.
I also decided that it was quite similar to MAC Chatterbox (which is a good thing as Chatterbox is one of my favourite lipsticks), and looking at the comparisons below, I'd say they're not too far from each other -with Rouge Volupte having a slightly sheerer, creamier formulation than MAC.

The girl on the YSL counter also asked if my lips "were my own" (after saying they were a nice shape) - bit of an odd compliment, but I'll take it as a compliment I think! I know I've got a bit of a (all natural) trout pout so it wasn't too much of a surprising compliment.
Trout pout aside, I'm already saving up my Boots points to buy my next one...


  1. Love ur blog hun! Just came across it and now following, saw u were after new blogs to read etc feel free to pop over and read/follow mine xoxo

  2. Wow stunning! I might need both those now!

  3. They're both really nice lipsticks - they tend to be what I wear if I'm going out or for a meal or something. MAC Lovelorn is my every day one :-)

  4. it's such a gorgeous girly colour, but for some reason i prefer looking at it in the tube than actually wearing it! i reviewed it on my blog too if you're interested

  5. Oh wow, it's gorgeous! And the packaging... wow!

  6. Gorgeous colour and my word, the packaging!!! Gorgeous!
    Great blog - now following.
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!

  7. Arrgh what a gorgeous colour AND the lipstick box itself is cuuute! great pic hun!


  8. i actually bought this by accident; meant to buy rose paris and chose this by mistake! so glad i did, its the perfect brightness for me!


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