Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Products I bought last week blatantly for the packaging:

Batiste Brit
It's not my favourite scent of Batiste (that's Boho, Diva or Fresh!) but the packaging is definately my favourite. It works the same as all the other ones out there. Just on the subject I think Batiste have marketed these products really well and made something quite dull (talc for your hair to mop up grease...ew!) into something almost covetable.

ASOS Exclusive Bourjois Blusher - 16 Rose Coup De Foudre
I didn't want or need a blusher, I'd never tried Bourjois blusher before and I had no clue about the colour but based on the pretty packaging this somehow became part of my ASOS order. Luckily I like it, the colour is a little more on the peach side of pink than I'd normally go for but it's a nice difference (I suppose I'd have been annoyed if it was exactly the same as my other blushes, wouldn't I?) and it smells really nice.

Luckily, purchasing based on packaging has worked out well for me on this occasion!


  1. I love that Batiste Brit tin. I bought it just for the packaging too! I just wish they'd take it back to when it cost like £1.50!xx

  2. I know, everytime I buy it I'm like I'm SURE it didn't cost this before...

  3. The bourjois packaging is really pretty, I can see why you chose it!

  4. lol I want both of these purely for the packaging xx

  5. That bourjois packaging would win me over too - they always do such pretty and eye catching designs.

  6. Oooh I want that Bourjois blusher - how cute is the packaging?!
    *browsing Asos*


  7. The Bourjois packaging always lures me in esp when they have cute designs on the front!

    Also don't think I could live without Batiste anymore.

    Fee x


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