Saturday, 5 February 2011

Who knew H&M and Urban Outfitters sold things for your home?

H&M is one of those shops that I tend not to bother with so much - I don't know what it is about it, I just never really go and I think I own one thing from there (animal print harem pants that I saw my friend wearing and asked her to get me some). A couple of my friends work at H&M and always have lovely clothes they've found there but on the odd occassion I do venture in, I never really see much I like.

But, I digress. I didn't realise that H&M had branched out into homeware - I randomly stumbled across house stuff on their website (after being sent a H&M online 25% discount code), namely these shower curtains for £12.99 each:
And this lovely guest towel (2 pack) for £6.99:

As I suspected, I didn't find any actual clothes/accessories/cosmetics that I wanted to buy on the website.

I also spotted these gorgeous pillow sets for £25 from Urban Outfitters:

Can you tell that the one with the hands spells out LOVE? I had to shut my browser down quite quickly on the Urban Outfitters site there was a lot of nice (and pretty expensive) stuff for the home on there - I suppose I get 10% off student discount but this doesn't quite cut it when you're thinking of spending £25 on, basically, pillowcases. I don't think I've ever actually really been bothered about stuff for the home before either, it's made me feel a bit old!

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  1. Love those shower curtains! I'm going to have to nip in and have a look xx

  2. Yeah i've been getting the H&M new catalogue and i've been mightily impressed with their home range, it's really really good.

  3. UO is brilliant for home bits and bobs xxx

  4. I want those shower curtains! I didnt know h&m had homeware ah well everyday is a school day haha x


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