Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Winter nail polishes

As the weather's got colder, and the nights have got darker, so has my choice in nail polishes - I'm definately favouring darker nail polishes and shorter nails. I've not worn a bright orange or a pastel lilac for months now!

Here's what I've been wearing for the most part (you'll probably have seen most of these on here at some point, I've got a bit of a "thing" for nail polishes):

L-R: Leighton Denny "Monroe" (little bit more brown than it looks here)
Models Own "Grey Day" (love this polish!)
Sephora by OPI "Charge It!"
Eyeko "Cosmic Nail Polish" (a black polish with tiny pieces of multi glitter)

L-R: Leighton Denny "Millionaire" (sheer pinky lilac with gold flecks - not a dark polish, I know! But so easy to wear!)
Eyeko "Vampira Polish" (black with red glitter)
Illamasqua "Ruthless" (longwearing true red)
Diamond Cosmetics "Chainmail Charm" (dark grey holo)

L-R: OPI "Glamour Game" (silver with fine silver glitter)
Rimmel "Pompous" (dark purple with fine multi glitter)
China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"
Nails Inc "Rosebery Avenue"

See? Mainly dark polishes and reds - I feel like there should be more unashamed blingy glitters in there though, it is nearly Christmas! What have you been wearing on your nails? Do you go for dark stuff like me or does it not really affect what you've got on your nails?


  1. Love the Eyeko black glitter one. The Rimmel "Pompous" looks lovely too xx

  2. That Millionaire looks awesome :)). I go for darker polishes too - dark reds, purples, dark greens but I also wear whites topped some flakies.

  3. The Eyeko polishes you've featured look amazing. I tend to wear mostly dark polishes all year round, but as it's getting closer to Christmas I've been bringing out the glitter more and more!

  4. Ooh I love the idea of white polish with flakies over the top, definately going to try that!

    Julia, the Eyeko polishes I've tried are lovely, they're always doing offers and things too.

  5. These are nice nail polishes, thanks for sharing.

  6. Love that golden one!
    Great post!
    Sabrina O.

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