Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dear Santa...

...I know it's a bit late and that the elves are probably really busy, but I've been really really good this year and I thought of a few extra things I'd like to add to my list please. Basically it's an excessive amount of stuff to carry other stuff in, I don't mind which of these I get but the Alexa or the 2.55 would be nice, y'know...just case you were struggling.

Mulberry Alexa - £895

Chanel 2.55 - somewhere in the region of £1,500

Lulu Guinness Snakeskin Lips Clutch - £255

Marc B Knightsbridge - £39

Marc B Knightsbridge Elite - £42

Juicy Couture Eyelash Barrel Make Up Bag

Topshop Stud Purse - £28

ASOS Nude Feather Clutch - £26

ASOS Waterfall Clutch - £28.50

So, please add these to my Christmas list (along with everything on my beauty wishlist on the left, plus some ASOS vouchers, and maybe some tickets to go and see Rihanna...oh and world peace please, after all, I'm not greedy or anything).


P.S Any of this vintage Chanel stuff by Susan Caplan for ASOS would also be amazing:


  1. I was eyeing the exact same ASOS clutch when I was last in London :)

  2. my sister has the alexa !! and i love love love marc b bags... and the asos waterfall clutch is now in the sales for 20!


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