Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baylis and Harding Wild Rose and Raspberry Bottle & Skin Spa Travel Set

Once again, sorry for the stock photos, I still don't have my camera at the moment!
Baylis and Harding Wild Rose and Raspberry Bottle in Sequin Bag
The packaging on this is lovely - really pink, sparkly and expensive looking; the bottle inside is plastic too which is good if, like me, you grew up in a house where your mam went mental anytime you went anywhere near the bath with a glass bottle/jar "in case you drop it and crack the bath", sigh. This body wash isn't heavily scented which I personally think is a good thing as I sometimes find things that are really heavily floral scented a bit much for me. It was a nice body wash to use, and best of all it only costs £3.50! I actually think I'm going to buy some of these as Christmas presents, there's also Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit (which sounds yummy!) and Moonlight Lavendar that come in these lovely special bags. If you'd like to buy some of these for Christmas pressies (or even if you'd like Santa to bring you one), you can find them here.

Skin Spa Travel Set
How good is this for £12! It includes 100ml Steam Shower Body Cleanser, 100ml Steam Cream Wash x 2, 100ml Steam Shower Body Cleanser, 50ml Body Polish x 2 and 50ml Silky Skin Body Cream x 2. Again, none of these are particularly strongly scented - some of it smells vaguely herby but in a good way! The Body Polish contains really really fine grains so is very gentle, probably not for you if you're looking to slough away loads of dry skin, but if you have sensitive skin or want something that isn't harsh, then this would be ideal. I liked the body cream and the cream wash too, they felt pretty nice to use.

I think this is lovely as a gift or just a nice item if you travel regularly, I like the little handle on the box too so that, in theory if you did go on your travels with it you could just carry it rather than packing it and worrying about things leaking in your bag etc. I like the packaging of this too, it's quite minimalist but that isn't a bad thing! You can buy this set here.

Baylis and Harding is available on their website andin all sorts of other retailers too - like Boots, Argos, Debenhams etc. They do a huge range of products, definately worth a look!

Please note these items were provided for review by Baylis and Harding, but as always this is an honest review.

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