Tuesday, 21 December 2010

NOTW Christmas Red Snowflake Minx

It's Christmas on Saturday (ok, where has the last month/3 months/year gone?) so of course there has to be some sort of festive nail art!
I love Minx, and with my mani and pedi qualifications I have an account with the UK Minx Distributor, yay! They recently brought out a whole load of new designs - this is why I like Minx more than a lot of the other nail coverings suppliers, they do a much bigger range of designs and are always updating their range.

I bought a few bits from the new designs, top to bottom we have Red Snowflake, Minxlusion Rose and Minxlusion - Minxlusion was so hard to photograph but it's a metallic silver with a holo effect. Gorgeous!

After debating whether or not to apply to my toes or fingers (last longer on toes, more noticeable on fingers), I went for fingers - it's winter, it's freezing, who's going to see my toes? Plus I didn't really want to still be wearing Christmas stuff well into the new year! I did these on 20th December, and they should last me until Boxing Day at least:

I think this is nice and Christmassy and interesting without being OTT or tacky, they just look metallic until you look a little bit closer! I still need more practice with my application, but this is only the second or third time I've actually done my own Minx so I'm still learning and honing my skills.

Next on my list of Minx to try is Oil Slick:

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  1. These look awesome! such a cute festive design and I cant believe you got your nails looking so perfect! Honestly if I was applying minx I have no doubt there'd be lumps, bumps and creases all over the place :)

    I had no idea they'd last so long, for some reason I imagined you'd only get a few days use from these at most ♥


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