Friday, 10 September 2010

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish – 610 Pompous

My Nails Inc dark purple shimmer (the name escapes me now!) has gone all gloopy and weird, there wasn't that much of it left so it wasn't worth saving but with autumn and winter coming I know I'll be wanting to wear dark purple a lot and I like the slightly metallic effect of a shimmer. I spotted this in Tesco when I was doing my weekly shop and it looked a perfect alternative, so I snuck it in the trolley (like a kid!).

Pompous is a dark purple polish with a very fine blue shimmer that claims one coat application and that it dries in less than 60 seconds. It's a little more purple than pics below show.

I loved the colour and the Xpress brush means that I can apply an entire nail in one stroke which I really really like, however on some nails one coat didn’t look enough and the first coat took more than 60 seconds to dry out (I tested this and dented a few nails, oops!), it wasn't really much quicker than a normal polish to be honest. As you can see on the pics, there is some streaking or not enough coverage on the nail with one coat. Another coat sorted this but I thought I'd show you it one coat as it's marketed as a one coat product.

For some weird reason though, I’d buy another one of these polishes again – they’re ok for doing toes, are reasonably priced if you’re in a bit of a rush (and can’t find your Seche Vite, like me!). Rimmel polishes are smaller than other brands though, which actually doesn't make them as reasonably priced as they appear...8ml is the standard Rimmel size as opposed to say, 15ml for a standard OPI polish...hmm!


  1. I use to like the Rimmel Nail Polish collection but I've gone off them now for staning my nails yellow a lot of the time and also for the product running out so quick. They're quite small so I wouldn't buy another one of them again. Lovely review though and that colour is very pretty!

  2. I hate the 60 second ones. It bugs me all the time that they are rubbish!Bourjous one minute stuff is better!

  3. I love the brush on these polishes! They don't dry as fast as they promise to, but they still make for a very quick, neat manicure.


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