Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Guide to buying cosmetics, perfume etc. on Ebay

I regularly buy cosmetics on Ebay but I think a lot of people are a bit scared of getting counterfeit items. Here’s a few rules I go by when I’m buying these things on Ebay, I can’t guarantee they mean you’ll never get caught out but forewarned is forearmed right?

1. Research – make sure you know what the product and its packaging should look like. Does the product actually exist (I’ve seen “MAC” palettes selling for like £30, when MAC don’t even make ones that style)? Is it a stock photo or actual photo shown on the listing? Check out the sellers other items, completed items and feedback. It sets my alarm bells ringing when things are listed as an “unwanted gift” but they’ve got 10 of the same item listed.

2. Buy sealed items – I wouldn’t buy anything that had been tested or used on Ebay

3. Don’t go for the brands that are regularly faked – e.g. MAC, Benefit etc. There are lots of guides around about how to avoid fakes from these brands but for me it’s just a bit too risky, I tend to buy stuff you can’t get in the UK/that’s much cheaper to get from the US (OPI, Revlon) or brands that aren’t quite as well known like Pop Beauty, Pixi etc.
4. Be aware of customs costs when buying from overseas – self explanatory...

5. If it sounds too good to be true, it might just be! Not a bad tip for things generally really!

6. Familiarise yourself with Ebay’s policies – for items that haven’t been received, items that aren't as described, refunds etc.

7. Don’t get caught up in a bidding frenzy and pay more than what the product is worth - for me, Ebay is all about getting a bargain rather than the thrill of the chase or the win. In fact I hate the whole bidding war thing so I tend to use a sniping tool (Goofbay) more often than not, it's gives a massive advantage and isn't technically cheating. It also stops you bidding way more than you intended to!

8. I always pay with Paypal - I find it much easier and quicker than other methods and it gives that additional protection if things should go wrong. Plus if you use a credit rather than debit card it gives even more protection.

I hope this helps – I think Ebay is great but as with all online shopping, a bit of caution should be exercised. Happy bargain hunting!


  1. I appreciate this post!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Can you explain to me #7...what is sniping tool?? How does this work?

    Pls email me
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi, I must say that you have made some good points in the post. I performed searches on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Thanks for sharing this information.


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