Sunday, 26 September 2010

At the risk of this seeming like a nail only blog...Nails Inc Haul!

Nails Inc isn't a brand I see a lot of on blogs - I'm not sure why? I quite like them, their colour range is excellent and I find the polishes pretty good to use.

I just thought I'd share with you this lovely little set, containing 5 full size and 5 mini Nails Inc polishes, that I got for my birthday.

Full Size Polishes

Lancaster Gate
Hot pink, slightly sheer polish with a light blue duochrome
Berkeley Street
Bright green - not a colour I'd wear myself, it looks weird on me, I don't like it!
Leicester Square
Dark purple with slight metallic-ness to it.
Montagu Square
Lovely muted coral colour
Englands Lane
Very pretty light lilac

Mini polishes

Emporers Gate
Dark metallic grey/pewter - almost black
Romilly Street
Pretty standard bright red
Rosebery Avenue
Muted pink (reminds me of Eyeko's Tea Rose)
Thayer Street
Swan Walk
You can't tell from this but this is a sheer pink jelly with tiny blue glitter in, very cute!

What do you think about Nails Inc products? My only criticism of them is that maybe they're a little overpriced - at around £10 for a full size, you could buy a couple of decent polishes for that price or an OPI (which I love). As I said earlier, as a general rule the polishes are lovely!


  1. Yeah, I've heard people don't seem to have great experiences with getting their nails done there :-( And it seems quite expensive too....

  2. Yep, £38 for a 20min file and shape! It was such a waste of £££!

  3. i got that for my birthday too! snap! :D


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