Friday, 15 January 2010

Katy Perry Crystal Nails DIY Tutorial...bling bling!

I know this is a bit late (Katy Perry tweeted the above pic like 2 months ago...) but I still love it, finally got round to doing it (whilst I had short nails) and thought I’d tell you how I did it!

It’s really easy, though somewhat time consuming.

CND Super Stickey
OPI polish in Glamour Game
Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue
Orange stick
Crystals (I bought 10,000 from Ebay)
CND Super Shiney

How to:
1. Basecoat
2. Polish
3. Attach the Blu-Tack to the end of your orange stick
4. Use the Blu-Tack/orange stick tool to pick up a crystal by gently pressing the Blu-Tack onto the top of the crystals (so the sparkly bit is stuck in the Blu-Tack)
5. Paint nail with nail glue in a stripe across the nail where you’re first going to attach the crystals
6. Press the rhinestones onto your nails by placing them onto your nails via the Blu-Tack and pressing lightly
7. Repeat in rows until the nail is covered
8. Wait for the nail glue on the whole thing to have dried properly
9. Cover with (good) topcoat


...............................................Bling bling!

I think this would work amazingly well in acrylic rather than just with polishes too. I’d also recommend getting larger crystals that the ones I used, daaaaaaaaaaamn they were small.
It looked really nice when I started at the top, almost like a french mani but with crystals rather than white tips, and I think that overall that's a more wearable look.

Lord knows how long it’ll last but I’ll keep you updated………………….


  1. wow they look gorgeous. I know if I even attempted this the crystals would never be anywhere near in a straight line and would probably fall off knowing how I can be with my nails! Bet they look great when they catch the light.

  2. wow, this worked out really well. Looks great. How long does it take to make the whole hand or even both hands.... ages, I think :)

  3. I am DEFINATELY going to be trying this sometime soon! I saw the same type of thing on Nicole Scherzinger a while ago and wanted to know how it was done :D

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