Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Backcombing/teasing brush - it works!

Last time I was getting my hair done, I mentioned to my hairdresser that I like a lot of volume at my roots and that I was partial to a bit of backcombing. She tottered off and came back with one of these:It's a backcombing/teasing brush! She suggested if I went to Sally's I'd be able to get one cheaply, sadly I can't drive to get to Sallys so I headed to the trusty internet and found the brush above, which arrived today.

It works! It backcombs effectively and feels a lot less harsh on my hair than my usual methods of backcombing, there is a worrying sound of static when doing it and I think the plastic bristles aren't dissimilar to cheap hairbrushes you can get from the £1 shop, but I'm pleased with it! I did take some pics of the effects on my hair but my roots are so bad lately I was too ashamed to post them, damn the recession.

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