Monday, 30 November 2009

Beauty in the Big Apple

Well, I've just got back from New York (lucky me!) and I'd expected to come away with a real haul of beauty stuff but to be honest because of the exchange rate, the fact we were going to all the big department stores (Macys, Bloomingdales etc) and the fact that it's New York so it's expensive, make up and stuff wasn't much cheaper!

On my shopping list was: Dior foundation and nail varnish, Chanel nail varnish, Demeter, Tigi, Nails Inc, OPI, perfume, Clinique exfoliator, mascara and superdefense moisturiser, Bobbi Brown Vitamin B Face Base and Prescriptives Super Line Preventer Extreme . Instead - this was all I got (in the way of beauty products, I mean):

And two of those were gifts for other people, and one was a free gift from Clinique (the make up remover) pathetic am I! Clinique was much cheaper there though. Did anyone know Prescriptives were closing down by the way? That's what they told me at the counter when I was buying - might be worth stocking up/waiting for clearance bargains from there if you like the stuff.

Some other New Yorky stuff - I got a manicure done in a salon just off 5th Ave (called Nardi's, based in the 4 star Lombardy Hotel) and it's fab, I got it done on Friday and the colour is still perfect, a really nice red by Essie. Two of my friends paid $30 for a beauty package thing there so I just tagged along for a mani! :-)

I was also pretty disappointed in Sephora - they're EVERYWHERE and I was really looking forward to going but when I got there, there wasn't much in there I couldn't have bought elsewhere, and again it was no cheaper than buying it in the UK.

But still, I had a fab time and did plenty of other shopping, spending and sightseeing. Quite sad to be back in grey old Manchester!

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