Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sequin tablecloths - where to get them for your wedding

I always thought I'd get married on a beach somewhere with no-one around but that didn't end up happening and we ended up having a more traditional wedding in the UK. I knew when I realised we'd be planning a 'proper' wedding that I'd want somewhere in my wedding but quickly realised that they're not totally easy to get hold of in the UK and when you find them they're pretty expensive, even to hire.

I started looking into importing sequin tablecloths from overseas and found it cost a similar amount as hiring with the added bonus that I'd own them at the end and could re-sell on to another bride or an events company after use. We made a decision with our budget that spending a significant chunk of money was justified only where there was an opportunity to recoup some of what we spent.

Plus, there's the worry with hiring that they get damaged and you lose your deposit. As the tablecloths are delicate I didn't want to spend the day hovering over guests making sure they used a coaster etc. We flew off on our honeymoon on the Monday after we got married too which made returning stuff that was hired a serious planning mission (driving hungover into the heart of Cheshire with an out of date sat nav to drop off a rather nice wedding postbox anyone?)

I bought mine from Angela Wedding on Alibaba- I had samples sent to me, chose what I wanted and gave the measurements. I then got a price including postage which actually turned out to be similar to the cost of hiring (which I've already mentioned).

Because I was ordering from overseas without actually seeing a product 'in the flesh' I felt really anxious actually throwing down the cash...what if they never arrived, what if they weren't right, what if they looked awful, what if they got held at customs and I had to pay a huge duty? But thankfully it all went without a hitch and they arrived just as I wanted them to.

They were absolutely perfect as part of our wedding, everyone commented on how much they liked them and even our venue were really interested as they don't crease so you don't have to iron them, plus they fitted in really well with the exposed brick etc at our wedding.

Or, if this seems like too much work, I'm actually selling my sequin tablecloths (and some other wedding accessories) on Ebay - check them out here!


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