Monday, 31 August 2015

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Purifying Facial Mask

I've had this for ages but only just got round to trying it - still trying to stick to using up one product before I move onto the next, it doesn't always work but I'm trying!

I decided to use this on of those sticky, hot August days where I'd been rushing around and definitely needed some relaxation. I do not deal with heat well really! It was totally refreshing and cooling, way more than I expected it to be!

It contains green clay and almond oil but the mask itself is actually white and isn't actually like a traditional clay mask, it doesn't set hard but sits on your skin like a cream. It also contains cocoa butter (of course), shea butter and vitamin E. It isn't overly scented and I can't catch the famous sweet Palmer's cocoa butter smell, which some people might prefer. It feels really rich and moisturising while at the same time feels refreshing, cooling and almost a bit tingly. It was perfect for the day I used it on and I fell a little bit in love with it. 

As this mask didn't dry hard it was much easier to remove than a normal clay mask and came off easily just with water which is always a bonus - it means no ruined towels! My skin looked and felt really fresh and moisturised after using and I felt so refreshed. There's absolutely no tightness or dryness in my skin, it feels so soft.  I'll definitely be using this again (and again and again) - I wish I'd taken it on holiday, it would have been perfect!

Find out more on the Palmer's website.

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