Saturday, 29 August 2015

NYK1 Secrets Nailac Gel Polish - a new bottle shape and some new colours (Rock Royalty and Marina) added to my collection!

You know I love gel polish, whether I do them myself or get them done at a salon. At home I use NYK1 Secrets Gel Polish kit (read my review of the full kit here) and I now rarely wear 'normal' polish as I prefer just doing my nails once every few weeks. It's so weird how my beauty habits have changed, a few years ago I used to do my nails pretty much every day and love changing the colour every other day but now I just prefer to look groomed and for it to be convenient.

NYK1 got in touch with me about their summer colours and the fact they've designed a new, better bottle for all of their polishes - it's now in a square bottle with circular ergonomic application (basically you can pop the square top off for an easier grip for neater results).

They very kindly sent me two colours to review - Marina (a light blue polish that looks fab with a tan or darker skintones) and Rock Royalty (a deep purple that's probably a bit more wintery but I couldn't resist it).

So, did I like the new bottle? Much easier to use, easier to store and actually seems a bit easier to keep the bottles clean and in good condition. I definitely prefer it to the previous design. The top and base coats I'm using are still the old bottle so it's easy to see the difference. I found the new brush much easier to do larger areas like toes and thumbs too, a couple of strokes and it's done.

Here are my swatches (sorry for the gratuitous toe pics...eek!), each of these have 3 coats on plus top and base coat, and I find that this gives more than enough coverage on the nails. I've actually got it down to the point where I can do a full set of nails with this kit in 30 minutes tops - they're dry straight away and it's nice and easy to do neatly. It's probably quicker than using normal polish now that I'm pretty well practised and I'm good to go straight away.

My nails are still recovering from having acrylics on them for my wedding/honeymoon (oh, er and the fact I sat and picked them all off, oops) but with my gel polish on you can't tell they're damaged at all and it definitely protects them. They feel much stronger and less likely to snap with a covering of gel polish on.

To check out their range of gel nail polish - there are loads of different colours and glitters available - and other NYK1 Secrets products, visit You can also follow them on Twitter @NYK1Secrets

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