Monday, 14 October 2013

Win an Enrapture Totem Styler this halloween!

As someone who is already a big fan of Enrapture styling products (I reviewed their heated rollers here and still use them on a weekly basis), I was so thrilled when they contacted me to ask if I wanted to give away their Totem Styler for Halloween.  Enrapture asked me to create my best halloween look using the styler, and being a big zombie film fan I went for the zombie look!

Here's my halloween make up look below, I went for a got-bitten-by-a-zombie-on-the-way-to-a-party look.  I used the totem styler to create these gorgeous curls and backcombed my hair at the roots to give a pretty, full of volume look.  What do you think?

I used Stargazer white foundation, contoured my cheeks and under my eyes with a dark Smashbox eyeshadow and lined my eyes with lipliner.  I wanted to put coloured contact lenses in too but as I only had my laser eye surgery about 3 weeks ago I decided against it.  This actually looks a bit like me first thing in the morning but with better hair!

So how did the Totem Styler fare? I loved it! What's innovative about this is that you can change the settings at three different point on the styler to create a variety of different styles of curl. Fantastic! I used setting 3-3-3 to create the loose, vintage style curls above.  It also heats up really quickly which I think is essential.

It's really easy to use as the curler actually swivels at the bottom so it's way easier to roll it in and out of your hair.  The cord is really long too which sounds random but I think it's quite important so you're not contorting at odd angles trying to curl your hair with a plug that hardly reaches away from the wall.

Whereas I use my heated rollers if I'm going out at night out and have plenty of time to get ready as I can sit and do my make up, paint my nails etc. while sitting with my rollers in, the Totem Styler is one that I use if I want to curl my hair quickly if I'm getting ready for work or I have limited time. Including heat up time I can curl my full head in about 20 minutes maximum which is great!

I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a new hair curler.  It's good quality, very easy to use and it's like having a variety of different curlers in one because of the ability to customise the settings on the styler.  You can find out more about the Totem Styler here.

So, now that you've heard about the styler and saw the results of my zombie makeover, are you ready to enter my giveaway to win one? Yes?  Here's what you need to do:
  • Send a picture of your best halloween make up look to me before midnight on 31st October 2013 (GMT)
  • You can either email your entry to me ( with the subject heading ENRAPTURE HALLOWEEN COMPETITION, tweet me (@LucyBATB) or if you use Instagram/Pinterest or anything just leave a link to your make up look below.
  • Leave with me with a way to contact you if you win!
Good luck, can't wait to see your entries!

I'll add all the entries to my Enrapture Totem Styler Competition board on Pinterest, and the winner will be chosen on 1st November and notified.  Sorry, UK only!

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