Sunday, 13 October 2013

RiRi♥MAC Fall Collection - not sure which lashes I ended up with?!

Ok, I'm not usually a giant MAC collection person, as I don't really wear eyeshadow or contour my make up much (I'm starting to get into that though) so I tend to find that I only ever want blushers and nail polishes and I have plenty of those. I really liked a few things from Rihanna's latest collaboration with MAC but the #36 lashes were my favourite, they're long separated lashes with slightly fluffy ends...just my sort of thing!

I'd actually made a MAC order the night before (not realising that this collection was coming out the next day!) so I restrained myself and just ordered these lashes in the second wave of the collection becoming available.  When they came I thought they looked a bit different to what I was expecting and that's when I realised...the lashes I received were the other lashes from the collection I think, the #35's.  These are less spaced out, thin and more angled - kind of my eyelash style from hell!

Looking at them side by side I'm still not totally sure - to me the shape of the lashes looks more like the #35's.  What do you think?  I don't get it at all though because the box they're in says #36 on them.  I'm not keen on these eyelashes at all and don't think they do anything for my eyes.  Annoyingly both sets of lashes are now sold out so I can't get my hands on the ones I really want.

Did anyone else order the lashes from the and experience the same problems?  Have MAC mispackaged the lashes in the collection or put the wrong number next to the lash style on their website?  I'm really disappointed but MAC customer services have refunded me which is one thing I suppose.  I might have to nip along and see if I can buy some in store, then I'll definitely know that I'm getting the right ones - I suspect they might be sold out there too!

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  1. I was lucky enough to get hold of her lipstick and eyeshadow quad, I think her collection is really good but a little over rated



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