Sunday, 27 October 2013

Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Fast Drying Sculpting Spray Review

I'm constantly looking for ways to tame my fairly unruly, damaged hair as it tends to go frizzy easily (especially if there's an millimetre of moisture in the air - when I go on holiday I'm like Monica in Friends in that episode where they go to the Caribbean!) but I don't want it to look like I've got loads of product in, I just want people to think I've got naturally great hair.

Step in Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Fast Drying Sculpting Spray.  It's ridiculously easy to use, you just spray it on to damp hair then blowdry as usual (you can apply it to dry hair too).  I use it most on the roots of my hair underneath to create volume and lift and it really does work for me as well as keeping my style in place and looking shiny.  It smells good too, kind of watermelon-y but not overpoweringly so.  Another good thing is that it has UV sunscreen so I suspect it would be good if you were on holiday to stop your hair getting too damaged.

It really does help to get some shape and hold in my hair without actually making my hair feeling crispy, sticky or full of product.  It feels really weightless and you can still run your fingers through your hair without them getting caught which is nice.  I actually find as well that this works well to refresh my hair too if I don't want to wash it but it's gone a bit fuzzy while I've been asleep.  I just lightly spritz this on and really quickly blowdry my hair with a round brush and it really perks it up as it's reactivated by heat or water.

Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray is available from for £11.50

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