Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What should I do for my birthday?

Photo from CMNY Cakes

Okay, my birthday isn't until September but I'm going away this month and I have my friends/family from home plus my friends/family in Manchester and my lovely boyfriend to fit into the proceedings somewhere.  As everyone works various shifts or takes holidays in September I tend to plan ahead so that people can book time off and things can be set in motion.

I can't decide whether to just get everyone to mine and have some sort of get together or to travel somewhere else.  The most annoying part is that I'll be 27 this birthday, 30 is looming nearer and nearer!  What I do quite fancy is going away for a city break somewhere, I love spending time sightseeing, going to shows and out for meals and things.

A few years ago my boyfriend surprised me and took me to London for a long weekend, we stayed in a lovely hotel, went to see a show (Jersey Boys - amazing!) and did some touristy things like the Londom Eye etc. I'd quite like to do something like that again, maybe get some Jesus Christ superstar tickets or something? In the last few years I've seen Wicked, Legally Blonde, Jersey Boys, the Lion King and Chicago - and I don't really consider myself to be someone who goes to shows!

So, what should I do for my birthday, should I persuade my boyfriend to take me away again? Do you have any show recommendations in London or Manchester?

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  1. Lovely cake, happy birthday to your!

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