Sunday, 14 July 2013

The scent of summer with Melvita

These arrived in the post as a surprise from Melvita and I'm so pleased as they're gorgeous! The Orchard Body Wash in Tender Fruits smells so nice, really fruity (nectarine, peach, apricot) and fresh - just my sort of scent!  It also lathers up really well so you don't have to use loads of it.  The packaging is practical rather than pretty but it does the trick.  It's also soap free and PH neutral and won't dry our your skin.

The Body Milk in Energizing Citrus Fruit is my favourite though.  This zesty body milk contains essence of lemon, orange and mandarin, to me it smells like lemon flavoured sweets.  Maybe sherbert or  bonbons?  I absolutely love it, it isn't overpowering but it does last really pleasantly on the skin.  I'm not usually great at moisturising my body regularly but I've been using this a lot.  It contains shea butter and sesame oil so it is really nourishing without being greasy or taking ages to absorb, it feels really silky and sinks into the skin so well.  Again, the packaging wouldn't jump out at me if I saw the products on the shelf but it is functional, the dispenser bottle stops it from getting messy.

These will definitely be coming on holiday (hopefully the citrus scents will keep the mosquitos away) and I'll be repurchasing them in future too.  A few months ago I'd only really vaguely heard of Melvita but now I consider a few of their products firm favourites (read my previous reviews here and here) - I've used four of them in the last couple of days alone!

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  1. Hmmm...interesting and impressive indeed. they seem like great products to try out based on your review. I'll def check on these for I really also love citrus scents.


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