Friday, 5 July 2013

It's my duty...

Not sure if I've mentioned this(!) but I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks, woo hoo! I've been avoiding repurchasing a few beauty bits and bobs because I can probably pick them up a bit cheaper at Manchester airport. I actually love flying, the only downside is all the hanging around so what better way to kill some time than in duty free?!

Here's what I'm hoping to pick up:

Estee Lauder Doublewear
MAC Chatterbox
YSL Manifesto
YSL Rouge Volupte
Origins Vitazing
NARS Blush
I haven't tried the Nars Blush before and though I've sniffed the YSL Manifesto I've never actually owned it but I really love the smell of it.  The other stuff I've had many times in the past and absolutely love them all. All of this is quite expensive though so I need to save money on them where I can!

Have you got any airport favourites or recommendations?  Are you going away this year?


  1. My boyfriend is working away at the moment - I've asked him to bring back Chanel Taboo nail polish and a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment if he can find one for me! I love a good duty free spree, it always gets the holiday off to a good start!

    Laura - Beauty Lover's Notes

    1. Oh god I haven't even THOUGHT about nail polish. I need to set a budget beforehand so I don't go completely insane...

  2. Our airport is tiny and doesn't have much in the way of duty free but I always nab some Benefit They're Real at duty free prices =) xo

  3. My mum went on holiday a few months ago so I sent her to find me a couple of things from MAC and Benefit. She couldn't find any at all in the airport on the way home, devastating! I love the colour of MAC Chatterbox, it looks like a colour I'd love to try! Would you recommend it?
    Brodie x

    1. It's my fave lip colour so I'd deffo recommend! :-)

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