Thursday, 11 July 2013

I want to live in the country or by the sea...

As someone who grew up in a fairly rural area I was desperate to move away to a city as soon as possible and I did!  I moved overseas when I was 20 and I've never moved back yet.  After I got came back to the UK I randomly moved to Manchester and sorted a job, a houseshare and some friends (in the form of housemates, colleagues and other tagalongs).  After that me and my boyfriend settled in Greater Manchester. 

Whether it's the weather or the fact I'm getting older now, we've started looking at country houses for sale even though realistically we're not going to move for the forseeable future.  You do seem to get a lot more for your money (unless you're looking in the Lake District or somewhere on the London commuter belt).  It's like torturing ourselves with these idyllic houses in the perfect location.  We're lucky enough to be surrounded by gorgeous countryside within about a 20 minute drive and now that we have a dog it's the perfect excuse to wander around all of these lovely areas.

My boyfriend likes the sea as well and I think if it was down to him we'd eventually  move to a seaside town but I'm not really sure that would be for me.  There are some gorgeous sleepy seaside villages around but I always find them a bit cold for me up north and I wouldn't want to move too far south as it's a bit far away from friends and family.  Maybe we could always retire somehere hot and sunny like Limassol Marina - that would be really far from friends and family but at least the weather would be guaranteed!  I've never been to Cyprus (I've been to Rhodes port in Greece and that was beautiful) but everyone I know who has been has loved it.

It's funny isn't it, up until a couple of years ago I would have considered myself 100% city girl but that's definitely changing.  What about you, are you a country mouse or a city mouse?

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  1. I'm from a rural town too - in the middle of nowhere town which sucked growing up in. after moving to Newcastle for university and living there for four years, I don't think I could ever move back to fully being in the country. I've noticed in the US that city planning is a lot more geared to having huge parks and places to get away from right in the middle of cities and residential areas so green spaces are so far away then I often remember in UK city life!


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