Friday, 19 April 2013

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

Ok, I admit it, this is another blusher I bought pretty much for the packaging without actually trying the blush first (I have to stop doing that).  I have to say Too Faced do some gorgeous blushers - I really wanted their leopard one a few years ago after I bought a friend one for her birthday.  It was one of those presents that I seriously considered keeping for myself but I'm a good friend so I reluctantly handed it over.

Let's talk about the packaging...pretty yes? I think Too Faced aim to position themselves somewhere around Benefit in terms of packaging and price and I have to say I think I prefer Too Faced, but I haven't tried loads from either brand.  The vintage style heart shaped box is so cute, however it's made of cardboard so don't expect it to stay looking great for that long.  I wish it was a proper compact!  Unlike Benefit you don't get a little mirror or a brush either.

It's a mix of three different shades of blusher - rose, coral and peach - each with a hint of shimmer so that you get a good blend of colour rather than one solid one.  Be warned, the colour isn't really strong. It actually gives quite a subtle, natural colour that you can certainly use every day so if you're looking for something bold or you have darker skin you might not want to bother with this.  As I said, there is a slight shimmer to it but not over the top. It's buildable but I prefer to wear it a bit more natural.

It does last throughout the day without any top ups needed.  I do think this mix of colour and texture suits my skintone though, I look more glowing and awake with this on.  It isn't a soft powder, more of a baked one, so there's a bit less wastage and mess too (always good news!).

I don't know if I'm getting stingy in my old age or what but I didn't pay £24 (RRP) for this, and I don't think I would.  It's a nice everyday blusher that suits me but for that price I'd want something a bit more - there's a decent amount of product in there too (5.5g).

Available from Beauty Bay for £24, if you're a bit of a blusher connoisseur or a fan of the brand then go for it!


  1. This is so pretty, I love the three colours in one option :)

  2. Sooo pretty x

  3. Gorgeous colours, love that you can mix and match the blushes to get a unique colour blush! Gorgeous packaging as well


  4. I really wanted it but it was pretty much for the packaging anyways :p maybe I'll take a pass but that heart will forever have a place in mine! hahahaha how poetic no? :p xx

  5. Gorgeous! ♥


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